How To Order

Step 1- Select what type of embroidery design you would like applying to your garments by clicking either the LOGO or TEXT radio buttons. The available embroidery positions for the garment you are looking at will be shown.

Step 2- Select the position on the garment where you would like your embroidery applied.

Step 3-Enter the size breakdown of the garments you require in the appropriate text boxes.

Step 4- Select the colour that you require.

Step 5- Click the UPDATE button to show the price you will pay for the selected Items.

Step 6- If you are happy with the selections you have made, click the ADD TO CART button

Step 7- Repeat the process for different colours and different garments.

Step 8- Once all the garments have been added to the basket, you can upload the image you require, or enter the text you require in the Basket.

All the prices shown include Design Origination, Embroidery & Carriage. VAT is added at Checkout.